The conference platform Congressi Stefano Franscini avails of the facilities of the congress center Monte Verità (Mountain of truth) above the town of Ascona in the italian part of Switzerland. Its beautiful location has been recognized over 100 years ago when the “Co-operative vegetarian colony Monte Verità” was founded. The colonists practised various kinds of cultural anarchy and explicitly rejected conventions like marriage or dress (…).

The current main building was constructed in 1926 in the classical Bauhaus style, and the site was transformed into a conference centre as we know it today in 1992. Congressi Stefano Franscini is run by ETHZ and attracts world-leading scientists from all fields in a total of more than 30 conferences and winter schools every year.

Its beautiful location in the Ticino hills is ideal for hiking, or simply to enjoy a wonderful view over the Lago Maggiore.

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