Travel Information

Schedule for shuttle buses:

Trains from Zurich arrive at XX:56 and, every other hour, also at XX:13.
Departures times for the shuttle bus are at 14:20, 15:20, 16:10, 17:20, 18:10, and 19:20.
The first three stop at the external hotels before going to Monte Verità. The last three go straight to Monte Verità.
In addition there will be a shuttle from the external hotels to Monte Verità at 17:10, and back to the hotels at 22:00.
If you arrive in Locarno after 16:15 and are staying in an external hotel, just bring your luggage to Monte Verità and check in after 22:00.
After 19:20 you will have to take a cab.
Monday to Thursday:
There will be a shuttle from the hotels to Monte Verità at 8:10 and back at 23:15 (or after the conference dinner).
There will be shuttles in the morning to take you to Locarno.


A comprehensive set of travel information can be found on the website of the Congressi Stefano Franscini:

In Summary: Any intl. Airport in Europe -> Locarno -> Monte Verità

The Monte Verità is best reached from Locarno. On the first day of the meeting there will be a free shuttle bus from the Locarno train station.
Additionally, there are public bus lines from Locarno to the Monte Verità, and a taxi costs around CHF25.

Locarno is best reached by train from Zurich or Milan, both of which have international airports.

The train ride from Zurich crosses the alps north-to-south in a spectacular trajectory and very scenic route that takes the trains up to an altitude of 1100 m above sea level before crossing through the Gotthard mountain in a 15 km long tunnel. In 2016 this tunnel will be replaced by the “Gotthard base tunnel” that crosses the mountain at an altitude of 300-500 m, but will have a length of 57 km.

Travel times by train are as follows (approximately):
Zurich Airport (change at Zurich main station) 3.5 h
Milano Malpensa (change in Bellinzona or Milano Centrale) 3 h

Other airports:
Basel (change in Zurich) 4 h
Geneva (change in Zurich or Domodossola) 5-6 h
Bergamo (change in Milano Centrale) 3 h

Tickets for the Swiss railways can be purchased online at The same site also contains train schedules. Return tickets from Zurich Airport cost around CHF128. If travel plans permit, group tickets can be purchased at a reduced price.